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Stanley L. Duamutef

   Stanley L. Duamutef, nee Stanley L. Douad, born in Inglewood California, and spent his formative years behind

Western Surplus on Western ave. in South Central Los Angeles. There he wrote his first song at age three:












   Jumping ahead to high school in the third world city of Redondo Beach, his first gig was as arrhythmic

guitarist for the RON DAIGH MUSIC MACHINE, which later morphed into EVERYDAY DIRT when the drummer

Ambrose Woo-Woo and Stanley L. found Danny Zuchin, Windy City blues legend to replace Daigh, whose

father had taken away his only guitar pick and he was thus unable to continue as band member.

   Eventually, this band too fell apart when Zuchin returned to Chicago to participate in the 1968 riots.

In 1971, Woo-Woo contacted Stanley L. again, and with drummer Zildjian Rogers, Woo-Woo on bass,

Bone Daddy Kane on lead guitar, THE BUDDYTONES were formed. Then they became SPIDERLING.

   Finally, after an epiphany after reading TALES OF TOAD #2, SEVERAL MOUTH PARTS sprang forth

in all its hideous beauty.

   After all the various incarnations of SMP finally ended in 1975, L. Douad at a spiritual nadir, made a pilgrimage to the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood where he embraced the Ancient Egyptian religion and changed his surname to Duamutef under guidance from Sal Lipinsky, one of the weekend ushers.

   He had never stopped song writing, and had used to pseudonym Guy d'Amore while working with songstylist Buddy Lame (accent aigu, rhymes with gay).

   He currently would enjoy performing before an audience again, and for years has been trying to get former SMP members to join PARTYMOUTH, the only cover/tribute band made up completely with members of the original group.

   He plays: arrhythmic guitar, ukulele, steel guitar, banjo, harmonica, melodica, wooden flute, mandolin, balalaika, one handed keyboard and he drinks BOONT AMBER ALE!!!

Danny "Roast Beef" Zuchin

   Danny “Roast Beef” Zuchin is a musician with dual creative citizenship. With roots in both Southern California and the “Windy City” of Chicago, “Roast Beef” has developed a unique style blended from such influences as the ‘60s surf and Sunset Strip sounds of SoCal and Chi-Town’s timeless hardcore blues.

   “Roast Beef’s” long ties with SEVERAL MOUTH PARTS, like most of the others in the band, goes back to the revered Redondo High. In the 1960s shadows of the Either-Or Bookstore, Abate’s Music, West L.A. Music, Sol Betnun’s, Ace Music, and Lion’s Drag Strip, the EVERYDAY DIRT band was born and so was the musical career of Danny “Roast Beef” Zuchin!

   He is a best-selling author and a 6th degree black belt in Kenpo Karate, but hey, let’s face it, music is his real passion in life! He has been featured on countless recordings down through the years; playing guitar, harp, but primarily bass.

   As SEVERAL MOUTH PARTS nears its 50th anniversary, Danny was asked just how important this group is and what all they have done has represented to the world of music as a whole and Southern California more specifically.

“Well,” he answered, “every time I’m asked that question—and it is very frequently—I always say that I’m reminded of the lyrics from one of SMP’s first big hits: the mind is truly the body, and the body is truly the mind! That really ‘bout says it all!

   “Oh, and I, too, enjoy Boont Amber Ale! It may not exactly be Goose Island IPA from Chicago, but I have to admit it is groovy!”    

"Bone Daddy" Kane

    Bone Daddy began his musical adventure after acquiring his first guitar in 1966 - a Victoria nylon string acoustic purchased from Zody's department store in Torrance, Ca., for the astounding price of $18.69, including tax. 

    Months later, he and some high school buddies started their first band, but couldn't decide on a name for the band and they broke up shortly thereafter.  During the 1967 "Summer of Love", Bone Daddy joined the Redondo Beach rock group, "Band X", as the rhythm guitar player and played in and around the South Bay and at the nearby mountain resorts of Big Bear and Crestline.      

    Bone Daddy made his first appearance with the budding Mouth Parts in 1968 when he joined the group "Everyday Dirt" as the bass player. A few months later, however, he was abducted by the U.S. Army and was off to Vietnam to fight the "commies" and repair microwave radio communications equipment while, in his spare time, rocking the troops with the newly formed cover band "Early Morning Iridescence III".  

    After being discharged from the army in late 1971, he rejoined with former Everyday Dirt members playing lead guitar in a band then known as "The Buddytones".  The group was later renamed to "Several Mouth Parts" and Kane was there for the infamous 1972 Fox West Coast show in Long Beach, Ca. featuring the "Penis Song". 

    After leaving the band for personal reasons, he lost touch with the other members for approximately 35 years. However, thanks to the efforts of Stanley L. Duamutef, he was reunited with the band in 2007 when Stanley finally hit pay dirt while making cold-calls from the phone directory in his quest to locate the missing guitarist. 

    When Bone Daddy was 6 years old, a school assignment to draw a picture and write a story about it resulted in his first musical composition. The tune “The Red Airplane”, lay dormant in a box in his attic for 53 years until rediscovered and recorded by Several Mouth Parts in 2009.

    Bone Daddy has been recording with Several Mouth Parts regularly since 2008.  To date, the band has recorded over 100 songs at Take One Studios in Southern California, with a select few available for online streaming.  SMP’s first album, "The Mind Is The Body, The Body Is The Mind" was released in 2006 and is a collection of live recordings from 1972.  The band’s second album, “Vexed To Nightmare”, was released on March 12th, 2016.  Both albums are available on CD Baby. 

    In the interim years between 1972 and 2007, Bone Daddy played drums with the South Bay based acid rock band "Blu Maxx" and later played lead guitar with the Orange County based group known as "Sudden Pressure Band". 

    Now, he's happily playing and recording with Several Mouth Parts and enjoying the band's official beer - Boont Amber Ale.






Zildjian Rogers

   Born in the late 1940s on Molokai, Hawaii, Zildjian was adopted by a family of sugar cane squatters. As there was not much to do there as a child, he would beat pieces of the dried cane together to Patty Page tunes, which had become part of the native folk music by the early '50s.

   Famed KRLA disc-jockey, Reb Foster, while visiting the nearby leper colony, heard the lad and brought him to the mainland to play in his club,

the Revelaire at 312 S. Catalina Redondo Beach California. Zildjian would stand out front, beating his cane pieces together each night to bring in the customers.

   It was there, one night, while drawing a crowd for a Crossfires show, that he met Danny Zuchin, who had recently moved there from Chicago.     

   The two hit it off, and tricking Zildjian with a promise of seeing a '56 Buick model Danny had supposedly built, kept the lad imprisoned in a garage until his 18th Birthday.

   As an indentured servant, he was forced to become roadie for Everyday Dirt.

   Later, he became percussionist for The Buddytones, and thus through their SMP incarnation. The band finally made him buy a drum kit, as the cane pieces could no longer be heard over the amplified instruments.

   Zildjian Rogers is of course a pseudonym—he was born Paiste Slingerland.

The Several Mouth Parts Story!!!


   The group started as the BUDDYTONES back in 1971 in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. The band was brought together by Ambrose Woo-Woo, former drummer for EVERYDAY DIRT . He had recently switched to bass guitar, and recruited Stanley L. Douad, rhythm guitarist, and Zildjian Rogers, roadie for EVERYDAY DIRT . Rogers had become the group's drummer. Their new lead guitarist was "Bone Daddy" Kane, who had played with THE VLIET KONG. G. Wardlo conga player and vocalist, was the only member who had not gone to the same High School in Redondo Beach.

   Originally conceived as a musical parody group, they played a number of dive bars and often in Venice California. By the time they had played their second show at the now defunct Venice Pavilion, they realized that their music had changed direction and had become “odder”--thus the name change which seemed to better fit their

new identity. Their crowning achievement occurred in early 1972, when they played the Fox Theater, virtually emptying the entire venue after their “Penis Song” number, during which styrofoam phalli were tossed into the capacity audience, causing a stampede.

   Kane had to leave after that night for personal reasons, and as they had no guitarist to take his place, they were unable to make they're scheduled performance on Eliot Mintz's television show on channel 52. 

   With just 2 weeks before their next commitment, they recruited Danny Zuchin, former lead guitarist from EVERYDAY DIRT , and keyboardist and reed player Baby Gouda, who had been with THE

DOLEMEN of Gardena. This incarnation of SMP continued through most of 1972, when Rogers and Douad moved to San Diego County. Although they made the 100 mile trip twice a week to practice new material, Woo-Woo quit to form THE prog rock


   The band continued to play different venues in the L.A. area, such as the Black Teenage Fair, and another notable performance at the Venice Pavilion, which featured Ice Ti-Malice (from the psychedelic soul group THE URBAN SOPHISTICATS) on bass and the back-up singers the Tutti-Fruttis. The final performance occurred in 1975 at Veteran's Park in Redondo Beach, which re-united SMP with Woo-Woo, and at one point featured 4 bass players on stage at the same time.

   In 2006, Baby Gouda contacted L. Douad (who, for religious reasons, had changed his surname to Duamutef), and revealed he had discovered reel-to-reel tapes of some of the 1972 performances. After some excellent restoration work by Scott Fraser, "THE MIND IS THE BODY, THE BODY IS THE MIND" was ready for release on Tanatone

Records. The CD was a June 2007 pick on WFMU, and soon after, SMP's original guitarist Bone Daddy Kane was located and agreed to re-join the group.

   Most of the original members are currently contributing to the new material being recorded in TAKE ONE STUDIOS in Orange County California, and the newest member, Martina Rickenbacker on bass and vocals, has taken the band in yet another direction, (when she can be torn away from her duties as one of Southern California's leading

alternative artists).

   Musically, SEVERAL MOUTH PARTS could best be described as “undescribable." They have been likened to THE RESIDENTS (had they more talent and money for their live performances) BEEFHEART, THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION, THE KINKS, RED KRAYOLA, PERE UBU, THE HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS, and HARRY ROY. Perhaps...

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Lord Woo-Woo

    Lord Woo Woo, born Nigel Andrew Poxley-Codbotham, came to the U.S via Canada as a malnourished young man raised on tea, public school beatings, toad-in-the-hole and clotted cream.         His family settled in the Redondo Beach area of California and the young Lord immediately became immersed in surf music, beatniks and several oil spills, determined to make his mark with a pawn shop snare drum.

    By the time he entered Redondo Union High School, he had fallen in with a rough crowd of disenfranchised musicians and record store employees led by Stanley Douad, a mercurial and eccentric purveyor of Captain Beefheart, Asian musical instruments, and antique cars with no pink slips. It was during this period Poxley-Codbotham acquired the nickname “Ambrose” due in part to his uncanny resemblance to Rory Calhoun.

    Interviewed in 2006 on BBC’s “This Was Then” talk show, the clearly inebriated Lord reminisced about those days. “It was a rather a rum lot, what? Yes, well, we would cruise Redondo's famed Esplanade in my Morris Minor convertible dressed as the Beatles, for God’s sake, trying not to hit anything because of the wigs Stanley made us wear.”

    This would be the start of life-long friendships with the likes of Danny Zuchin, Baby Gouda, Bone Daddy, Zildgian Rogers and many other sullen young men looking for unusual sounds and eccentric women.

    “That Stanley, though, he’s a real devil, what? Nothing out of bounds for that chap. Saw the big picture, he did. Kept the Parts on the cutting edge of, well, you know…,” said the rambling Lord.

    Throughout the years, countless versions of the original Several Mouth Parts evolved and challenged the musical standards of the day, with Lord Woo Woo helping to write such masterpieces as “Nose Song,” “Club Foot Boy,” and “Uchinoshi.” Today, over 50 years later, Several Mouth Parts are a global musical force, with followers in Wiesbaden, Oslo, Lagos, and North Dakota. “

    Quite remarkable, isn’t it?” said the increasingly flatulent Lord on the BBC. “A group of bonkers misfits in a small beach town making a bloody loud noise dressed in odd outfits for over 50 years. Brilliant.”

    Today, Poxley-Codbotham lives a quiet life in the rural Northern California foothills with his 4th wife Yvonne (22), six wolf hounds and two llamas. He is an avid collector of ball bearings, humming bird nests and Scandinavian bauxite, and enjoys taking long drives with his dogs in his vintage MG Midget while disguised as the ghost of Warren William.

    And of course when he can't find Guinness Extra Stout Mouthwash he gargles with BOONT AMBER ALE.



Lord Woo Woo "at play" in his Northern California foothills estate, 2017

Baby Gouda

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