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"I never thought of them as a garage band. No! Their sound was always so big and their eclectic scope so vast that I had to consider them, well, a 'blimp hangar' band!"


-Charles Waters, Vice-Principal, Redondo High (before he died)


From the "Summer of Love"

to the End Times!


    Like the dual-headed Norweigian god, Aardz, the legendary band, Several Mouth Parts, was born from two sources. Womb one was the historical Redondo Union High School—established 1905—in Redondo Beach, California. “RUHS” was also the educational home of cultural luminaries like Charles Lindbergh; Manson Family darling and presidential assassination wannabe, Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme; the Smothers Brothers; and the brilliant young actress, Traci Lords.

    Birth canal number two was the entirety of the mid-to-late 1960s—Surf music, hot rod fever, the British Invasion, the “Summer of Love,” the loss of Mike Love’s hair, and all.

    Together, that special place and time spawned a band that has now spent a half-century in deep coalescence with the eclectic likes of Zappa, Beefheart, McGuinn, Kaleidoscope, the Kinks, Blue Cheer, Gram Parsons, the Flying Burrito Brothers, and the elite others that understood that music was a lot more than the limp dreams of Boyce & Hart and the Mike Curb Congregation.

    The longevity of Several Mouth Parts is rivaled only by bands like the Stones and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The core of "SMP" has remained strong, tight, and purely original: Stanley L. Douad, Lord Woo-Woo, Zildjian Rogers, "Bone Daddy" Kane, Danny "Roast Beef" Zuchin, Baby Gouda, and the "special" specter of G.R. Wardlo.

    As they celebrate their 50th anniversary—and beyond—Several Mouth Parts has produced an amazing array of CDs that include “The Mind is the Body, the Body is the Mind” (a live artifact from one of their acclaimed early 1970s performances), incredible new material like “Vexed to Nightmare” and “BOO! You Pretty Thing!”, and near-daily active creations being added to iTunes all the time!!!

    With epics—old and new—like “Nothing but Gravy,” “No Time for Pussy,” “Crazy Pie,” “Fuzzy Dice,” and “Tunnel of Hair,” it’s easy to see why Several Mouth Parts have remained on top of the heap for so many years!

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The new album,

"world of wonders,"

is available NOW!!!


To experience even more of SMP's online presence

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And coming soon

to your favorite bookstore!

"...and as the various skulls, ghosts, and jack-o-lanterns were sucked into the the whirlpool of oblivion..."


Cover illustration from the upcoming bio--DREAM LOGIC--The True Story of Several Mouth Parts, by the spirit of Tom Snyder through 39 seances channeled by Dr. Mendax



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All SMP albums are now also  available on Bandcamp!!!

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